Bradford Grammar School Advanced MFL Teaching Technology

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Bradford Grammar School is an outstanding UK independent grammar school, which believes in providing every opportunity for its Junior and Senior pupils. We embrace academic, sporting and creative excellence within an aspirational, caring environment, which builds on our heritage while looking to the future. We nurture exciting and fulfilling lives shaped by our School’s traditional values and believe happiness is the key to an individual’s success. We are at ease with excellence.

Always keen to lead the way, the Modern Foreign Languages Department at the school is ready to embrace the latest technology to the benefit of students and teachers alike, particularly when it comes to our coveted language laboratory.

Samantha Haslam, Head of Modern Foreign Languages continues:

The Modern Foreign Languages department  recently upgraded to the Sanako  Study 1200 system in August 2017. Having used a previous version of the software for many years, we felt that it was time to upgrade and modernise our provision to be at the forefront of Teaching and Learning in Modern Languages. Our Sanako language laboratory is an integral part of our department and all classes from Year 7 to Year 11 have at least one lesson in the laboratory per timetable cycle of 2 weeks. We have two suites; the larger is mainly used by KS3 & 4 students and the smaller ideally suits A Level study. A Level students have at least one lesson per week in the language laboratory, using it both to complement their language topics but also to further their IRP research

Sanako Study 1200 is a far more intuitive system than the previous version, and is better suited to both colleagues and technologically-adept students. Students continue to enjoy the pair-work and telephone activities, but love the new chatroom functions and the ability to work with different document types simultaneously. The ability to insert their answers into a pre-recorded audio file also smooths the path to simultaneous speaking as part of the new GCSE, with students able to save a copy for their own records and re-record to improve where necessary. This works equally well for role plays and photo cards as for general conversation. We are moving towards using the software to conduct all of our internal speaking assessments to free up lesson time. Overall, having an upgraded Sanako system has revolutionised our use of technology and afforded students both access to better-differentiated tasks and the ability to work independentlyand we look forward to integrating its usage further into our Schemes of Work as the year continues