Hill House School - BYOD for MFL

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Hill House School is an independent day school for girls and boys aged from 3 to 18, who pride themselves in being able to bring out the potential in all children. At Hill House, class sizes are small resulting in high expectations and very high standards of academic success; the school is very proud of its examination results, which are among the best in the country. Hill House is a community built on outstanding relationships. Teachers know their pupils very well, and every child is known as an individual; for their strengths and needs.

English, mathematics, sciences, humanities, and modern languages are all important subjects within the curriculum. Pupils enjoy a significant academic variety, encompassing subjects as different as computing and philosophy, politics and ethics, economics, and Latin. Hill House is the highest performing school in the area for GCSE and A Level results, with 97% of its Upper Sixth Form leavers gaining places at their first choice university.

Always forward thinking and innovative, the school, and the Modern Foreign Languages Department, have embraced a Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) strategy to leverage the enthusiasm pupils and staff have for their own devices and the potential within digital technologies for the benefit of teaching and learning.

After many years of successfully using their Sanako Study 1200 language system, for the school’s Modern Languages Department it was vital that this same dedicated languages functionality was made available on any platform that students may choose.

Systems must be GDPR compliant, reliable, simple to use, quick to access and work both synchronously and asynchronously. In particularly, for the MFL department, the unique voice insert activity for student assessment and feedback was a sought after feature.

The school’s head of MFL, Mrs Sabel-Pereira, and Director of Technology and Digital Strategy, Mr Kristan Jackson, began rigorously investigating the options available. Ultimately it was the Sanako Connect online system which both met and surpassed the required specification. After a successful trial of the system by the MFL department it was implemented at the start of term with a seamless transition and enthusiastic uptake among pupils and staff.

A follow up article from Hill House School’s Modern Foreign Languages Department covering its progress will be published in the next issue of the Sanako UK newsletter, which is anticipated to be very positive given the results of the initial trials.

Mrs Catarina Sabel-Pereira, Head of Modern Foreign Languages at Hill House School

Mr Kristan Jackson – Director of Technology and Digital Strategy at Hill House School