How My Languages Helped Me to Succeed !

David4 months ago1 min read

We must first start with a huge thank you to staff & pupils at North Berwick High School and Mick Burns, careers advisor for the region. Their hospitality and willingness to engage was amazing!

I was invited by the school to deliver one of my talks, in person, to the pupils of the school about workplace languages, I also take the opportunity to dispel a few myths about the value of MFL and careers. Judging by some of the Twitter comments from staff and parents I can only assume it went very well.

At the end of my fourth session I was asked if I would be happy to be interviewed for a podcast. It was all very impromptu and I was asked to relate my languages journey in my working life. I was more than happy to do this although I felt very unprepared, so I decided to have some fun and tell it like it is.

Whilst I am fully aware that I am not fluent in my chosen language it has never held me back. My willingness to try and to also make mistakes has really boosted my confidence as a person and also secured me the best you in the world.

Please watch the full podcast here.