How to Project Your MFL Teaching to Primary & Feeder Schools

David2 months ago2 min read

How to Project Your MFL Teaching to Primary & Feeder Schools

We know that if we can get students interested in languages at an early age they are far more likely to continue at GCSE and A level. However, given the shortage of qualified languages teachers this is not as easy as it sounds. Often an overlooked subject area, the teaching of Modern Foreign Languages has been under resourced both at Secondary and Primary level for quite some time now, but what can we do about it?

Similar scenarios exist in other countries around the world, many of whom have turned to the latest online technology, such as Sanako Connect, for the solution. It is also very simple to access free to use online web sites and apps, but if the local support in the primary school for students is just not there these free resources can be ineffective. Alternatively Primary schools can be asked to subscribe to the same package as the local secondary school, but this invariably means purchasing additional licences with limited primary school budgets.

Alternatively, the secondary school may prefer to share its MFL teacher's time by physically being on site at the primary school to engage with very young pupils and supporting their language learning journey. This is not always very practical given the limited time available to teachers and of course the environmental impact of driving everywhere.

There is a solution, combining online language technology, with concurrent user licences to support both synchronous and asynchronous language teaching remotely, this is Sanako Connect.

Sanako Connect is a unique system which allows secondary school languages teachers or classroom assistants to both prepare and share language lessons specifically designed for little linguists. These exercises can be completed with minimal classroom support and submitted back to the secondary school languages teacher for assessment when completed.  

Additionally, the secondary school teacher can offer live interactive support to individual students when necessary. This is done via discrete monitoring of the student activity and most importantly, speaking. The live two way intercom system allows the remote teacher to speak directly to an individual child remotely offering support where necessary.

There is no need to purchase additional licences for the primary school. All Sanako Connect customers have the ability to share their already purchased licences with the primary school of their choice, this obviously works around school timetables and how many licences are in use at any one time, they are essentially shared licences.

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