It’s All About Control in MFL Teaching !

David10 months ago2 min read

Students in whole class oral assessment mode

Allowing students to work independently and at their own pace may be a key factor in language learning, but there are other times when a task needs to be completed by all students at the same time, or within a specific time frame.

This could be, for example, if an exercise needs to be carried out under test conditions, or if a short end-of-module assessment is required before the class ends.

Sanako Connect Online offers this exact feature for language teachers – it’s called Teacher Controlled Exercises.

Teacher Controlled Exercises in brief

  • Teachers can launch and control any exercise for all students - even when teaching remotely.
  • When a controlled exercise is launched, whatever the students are working with will be replaced with the controlled exercise. Students cannot close it or switch to another exercise.
  • The teacher can control the recording and media file playback for students
  • Common use cases for controlled exercises are teacher-led activities for the entire class at the same time, such as model imitation, listening comprehension, exams, formal and informal assessments.

Exercises can be based on any format of content (eg PDF, audio file, video file, YouTube link etc) and can demand a typical language lesson response such as gap fill, voice insert or multiple choice. As students complete their responses, the teacher can see how many students have recorded and collect them for assessment.

What are the advantages?

Teachers are in full control, even when teaching online!

Teaching staff retain complete control over the students undertaking the assessment or exercise.

The technology barrier for students is reduced

With the teacher in control of the technology, students don’t need to worry about clicking on the right button or links and can focus on their language learning.

Simultaneous whole class online assessment

Teachers easily control and manage an assessment with a whole class of students at the same time, whatever the location of each individual student. This ensures that all assessment protocols can be maintained and that all students can take the test under the same conditions at the same time.

Significant time saving

Sanako Connect’s advanced online audio collection means that the teacher can easily access all of the work submitted by each individual student at the click of a button. There’s no need to look in different places for different pieces of work, everything is saved in the same place and can be easily accessed, downloaded and shared.

If you’d like to find out more about how Sanako Connect could help improve teaching and learning outcomes,  contact us now  to arrange your free demo!