Keep language learning active and engaging using Sanako Connect

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Keep language learning active and engaging using Sanako Connect

We know first-hand how hard teachers worked during the periods of lockdown and changed teaching routines in the past academic year. Not knowing who will be isolating, how many students will be in class – even whether the class would be in front of you at all!

And while we hope that this year will be much less complicated, we can anticipate that that there will still be periods of disruption – and Sanako UK is here to help keep the teaching and learning of languages flowing for the foreseeable future.

A quick look at the video below explains how you can keep your students active in their language learning whether they are with you in class, or working at home. Teachers can upload any number of activities on any device for students to complete in class or remotely

In-class speaking practice can be prioritised with options for pair- and group work - for example role play, interview or image description activities – and the teacher can give instant feedback to individual students as required. And listening tasks can be allocated as individual exercises rather than having to conduct them as a whole-class activity.

Oral assessments, teacher led speaking and listening activities, auto voice insert, translation, interpreting, gap filling with submission and live teacher feedback are all made simple with Sanako Connect

So whether you want a live interactive session with ability groups or simply publish homework online Sanako Connect can enable these methods saving the teacher valuable time.

Learn more about the wide range of activities supported, or contact us for a chat about the options available, or to arrange an online demonstration.

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