Kingswood School

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Discover How The Sanako Study 1200 Language Centre became the best option for the MFL team at Kingswood School in Bath.

At Kingswood, we have the highest aspirations for all of our pupils. Within a community which promotes the importance of shared values, we seek to encourage a real enthusiasm for learning and a spirit of enquiry. Firmly based on Christian principles, Kingswood is a happy, vibrant and forward-looking school. Intellectual achievement is highly valued, whilst the pursuit of excellence in other fields is central to the school's commitment to provide the very best all-round education. At the core of a Kingswood education is our belief that every individual has talents to be discovered and nurtured and that our challenge is to develop these whilst preparing students for their future beyond school.

Mr Roderick Duke, Head of Modern Languages at Kingswood School comments: “Kingswood School pupils are really enjoying and benefiting from the many useful functions of the SANAKO Study 1200 system. With the current changes in language teaching on improved pronunciation, the high quality recording and paired speaking features of the system allow pupils, with discreet teacher support, to enhance the authenticity of their accents in the foreign language being spoken. Teachers can give pupils bespoke feedback and pupils can try to mimic native speaker models.”

"By constantly and discretely monitoring students working and intervening or supporting students as required, we have found that students speaking confidence and especially pronunciation has improved considerably."

Mr Duke continues “This is the second digital language laboratory used at Kingswood School and the language staff opted for Sanako Study 1200 after careful consideration of other products on the market. The MFL team cited the intuitive lay-out of the lab and its reliability to enhance the language learning experience during a month long trial. 

The patience of Sanako, in particular David Binns, and the superb face-to-face training delivered by experienced modern languages teacher, Marie O’Sullivan, were key features in our decision to go with Sanako. The excellent customer service, sometimes mid-lesson electronically, and the promise of on-going training from Marie are also strong reasons for the decision we have made.”

“Our pupils have particularly enjoyed the ‘vocabulary test function’ with instant feedback on performance and the pressure of a time limit ticking away. The system has been very reliable in terms of the various speaking tasks options be it differentiated pairs organised by the teacher or the pupils calling up a friend in the class to complete a speaking task. 

The ease with which the teacher can share good examples of work achieved by pupils to the whole class and share the teacher’s screen with the whole class have been other strengths in the early stages of getting to grips with the Sanako Study 1200.

“Staff can collect in pupils’ recordings both monologues or dialogues very easily, pre-record questions, and the pupils can then record seamlessly in the gaps they add themselves, which works well for all three aspects of the new the GCSE role-play, visual stimulus element and general conversation. Kingswood staff have been using tongue twisters to help pupils work on their intonation and pronunciation and pupils have enjoyed recording themselves getting faster and faster! 

The “ask the teacher” function encourages quieter pupils to ask questions to teachers, which fosters greater confidence and is less possible in a normal classroom.”

“Our school IT technicians have hardly been bothered with queries about the system due to the reliability of the product, the good starter training session and the comprehensive user manual provided.

“I first met David Binns of Sanako in 1999 when I worked in a school with a Tandberg (now Sanako) system. I was struck then by his belief in the product and company. Based upon the Finnish educational system, which is a global leader in education, it is clear that the company remains innovative and we will be informed soon of the latest developments to the system we have purchased, a product which is evolving all the time. Again this is more justification for our decision to purchase the Study 1200 System from Sanako.”

Roderick Juke - Head of Modern Foreign Languages