Monmouth Comprehensive School Perfecting Pronunciation

David9 months ago2 min read

Monmouth Comprehensive School in South Wales have been delighted with their purchase of licenses for Sanako Pronounce Live, promoting confidence and resilience amongst students in their speaking. Students study French, German and Spanish GCSE and A-Level. The International Languages Faculty is also a Learning Network School for the EAS (Education Achievement Service), which supports and promotes language learning with other schools in the area, through the Welsh Government Global Futures Strategy. As the new Welsh Curriculum approaches in 2022, we are working hard to develop our students into ambitious learners and confident individuals, particularly when it comes to their speaking skills.

We recently renewed our license for Sanako Pronounce Live for use within the Faculty, which allows us to use the software in-class and remotely across different languages. The in-person demonstration we received from David at Sanako was informative and showed students the utility and competitive element of the programme. As we have trialled and expanded our use of Pronounce, David and the team have always been there to respond to our feedback and answer our questions.

Given the uncertain nature of in-school attendance during the past 18 months, Pronounce Live has been an invaluable tool in helping our students develop their confidence in speaking. One of the many barriers that exists for second language learners is often the fear of not sounding ‘native’. So having the opportunity to work on their pronunciation in class and at home has really broken down those barriers. The clean, simple interface allows students to see mistakes in a traffic-light system, allowing them to hone in on errors and attempt immediate improvements. The scoring system allows them to harness their competitive spirit and strive for further accuracy – with many opting to practice until they ‘beat the Teacher

Students enjoy the independence afforded by the software, and the level of challenge can be adjusted in each task by ‘flipping’ the learning and making students speak without hearing the model answer. Within the classes who trialled this as a pilot last year, even the most reticent of language learners got involved, took the knocks from low scores, and picked themselves up to try again. The Sanako headphones take the element of self-consciousness out of the equation, and we’re seeing that students want to focus on self-improvement instead. As we continue to expand our use of Pronounce across the Key Stages, we look forward to seeing the positive impact it has on student motivation, resilience and independence as they take one step closer to being confident, ambitious linguists