Online & Local MFL Technology for Today's Modern Languages Teacher

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From our Corporate Headquarters in Helsinki, Sanako UK has been providing state of the art dedicated languages systems for educational establishments since 1961. Operating in over 110 countries and with over 7 million daily users Sanako has become a trusted partner to thousands of languages institutions around the world. Based upon the exceptional Finnish educational system, Sanako UK pride ourselves in building long term relationships with our customers as highlighted in this article by Stromness Academy . Even in these times of pandemic Sanako technology has enabled languages teaching to continue online as stated by St. Benedict's School in London. Designed with the modern languages teacher in mind and to help with limited class teaching time.

This wealth of experience and working with the languages teaching community has enabled Sanako to develop practical products for practical resolutions to everyday issues.

For example the teacher may wish to carry out oral assessments for students individually or practice with the whole class simultaneously, or perhaps role play scenarios and group discussions. Each with student work collection and teacher feedback for pronunciation correction and more. There are so many time saving activities it would be impossible to list them all, here are a few examples;

    Most Commonly Used Whole Class Activities

In addition to our easy to use and advanced range of MFL systems shown below we offer technical support and teacher training on all our products. If you would like to try out our online products free of charge such as Sanako Connect and Sanako Pronounce Live please just contact us and a member of our UK team will arrange this.

Contact Sanako UK for you free Sanako Connect class trial Licence

Sanako Study 1200/700  range of interactive language centres. Used in most UK universities and thousands of schools every day. This very popular range of products will meet all your needs from traditional MFL teaching, focussing on speaking and listening to professional conference interpreter training including both consecutive and simultaneous interpreting activities.

Offering live or pre-recoded oral assessments with file collection, grouping, exam modes and auto voice insert facilities this software only system will get the most out of any existing computer suite you may already have to enhance its MFL capabilities and make it so much more.

Sanako Connect is an online system designed specifically for the modern foreign language teacher. It is fully GDPR, Teams & Google Classroom compliant and requires only internet connection to work. Using concurrent user licencing technology to save on costs it can work in both synchronous and asynchronous modes.

Sanako Connect can either work independently or link to your existing Sanako Study range language centre for full blended learning activities. Use any device for speaking & listening activities to multiple choice, gap filling and embedding YouTube videos along with so much more to keep students engaged with modern language learning in school or at home.

Pronounce Live Online  is an  innovative system to improve pronunciation and oral skills with up to 26 different languages included as standard.

Using the very latest and highest quality Text-To-Speech and Voice Recognition technology the teacher does not need to record the model phrases – simply free type or copy and paste text from any source such as documents and web pages. Set online exercises for students to complete and receive instant feedback. They can also download their recordings and performance as a PDF document.

Also available as a fully interactive classroom version for those who require pronunciation facilities in a more controlled environment.

Sanako Conference Interpreter Training Systems  integrate seamlessly into any existing Sanako Study 1200 Range Languages System or university network. Simply select the elements required such as hardware, software and online to provide the ultimate in blended learning conference interpreter training systems. The full function conference interpreter suites combine traditional hardware technology within the suite for a real world experience and the software element which is intuitive and often automated use by the tutor. The software is networkable and of course online with Sanako Connect, for combined use with Languages Centres, UWLP and Interpreting Departments. Often the Sanako Study 1200 Language Centre is used initially for interpreting before students graduate to the full hardware systems.

The only headsets you will ever need!   When speaking and listening really matters choose a Sanako headset for peace of mind! For PCs, laptops, Chromebooks, iPads and tablets. For high quality audio for modern foreign languages, music and general recording, the premium SanakoSLH-07 or the standard Sanako SLH-20 is the answer. These durable and professional headsets are specifically designed to deliver the clearest sound quality in any classroom environment.

Boasting dedicated MFL features such as side-tone and noise cancelling microphones, these rugged headsets can offer a high performance and long service in the busy day to day classroom. Spare parts are available so simply repair and not replace for real economy

LAB 100 Traditional language laboratory is an extremely versatile system which can be wall-mounted, desk mounted or mobile to ensure maximum flexibility. The teacher has a PC, often linked to the school network, with a software control interface and the students have a digital user panel. The versatile SanakoLab 100 is small and discreet in design but powerful enough to meet the needs of Languages Departments who do not have access to a computer for every student. Although many institutions have a Lab 100 supporting their main ICT system, such as Sanako Study 1200, the Sanako Lab 100 is more than capable of delivering effective audio language teaching through more traditional methods on its own.