Sanako - Tutor Controlled Online MFL Exercises & Assessments

David10 months ago1 min read

Sanako UK is thrilled to announce that a new highly requested functionality is now available in Sanako Connect! The feature is called "Teacher Controlled Exercises".

Teacher Controlled Exercises in brief

  • Teachers can now launch and control any exercise for all students - even when teaching remotely.
  • When they launch a controlled exercise, whatever the students are working with will be replaced with the controlled exercise. The students cannot close it or switch to another exercise.
  • Common use cases for controlled exercises are teacher-led activities for the entire class at the same time, such as model imitation, listening comprehension, exams, formal and informal assessments.
  • The teacher can control the recording and media file playback for students at a set pace
  • Additionally the tutor can offer feedback to students as required

Language teachers have been looking for the best way to create such a controlled exercise and assessment environment, especially during the Covid-19 pandemic when most teaching was moved online. General video-conferencing tools or online teaching solutions have not been able to cater to this requirement, which is actually one of the most used functionalities in a traditional classroom-based language lab system.

We are now happy to announce that this feature is available in Sanako Connect. You can find a detailed guidance on how to use this feature from our help pages at  Sanako Connect User Training Video - you can locate the correct video under the " 22 - Teacher Controlled Exercises" from the menu.