So why did Texas Tech University choose Sanako Study 1200 as part of their blended learning languages solution ?

David8 months ago2 min read

Texas Tech University is one of the top public universities in Lubbock, United States. In fall 2020, 40,322 students were enrolled in the university. Of those, 33,269 were undergraduate and 7,053 graduate and law students. By student enrolment, Texas Tech is the seventh-largest university in Texas and the largest institution of higher education in the western two-thirds of the state. Texas Tech University has 1,600 full-time and 188 part-time faculty.

The Language Laboratory & Research Center, in its current, modern incarnation, is the result of decades of evolution and development. It has existed to assure Texas Tech's language programs are top flight—the additional learning and skills refinement that occurs in lab facilities are crucial to many programs, and crucial to many types of student learners.

Christopher Vasquez-Wright is the Lab Director in the Language Laboratory and Research Centre at Texas Tech University. Christopher looked at different language lab software solutions and decided to go with Sanako's Study 1200 software because of the different features it has. For Christopher, it was especially important to be able to adapt to the evolving needs and their language programs.

Texas Tech University needed a languages system which was intuitive, reliable with all the various languages activities that the teaching staff could possibly need. However a key requirement was the ability to integrate with the University's blended learning program for languages.

Sanako Study 1200 is a software-based language centre that is installed locally at Texas Tech University's Language Lab and Research Centre. As Study 1200 connects teacher and student stations via a LAN network, it does not rely on an internet connection. This is extremely useful when proctoring exams as none of the assessment and examination features rely on the internet. Although this can of course be linked to Sanako Connect online for full blended learning activities if required.

Christopher comments;

"With Sanako, I've noticed that it runs smoothly. There are no glitches and it is more flexible than what we had before. It also has more useful features, so I'm able to modify the lesson activities to better meet the needs of the different language programs here at Texas Tech."

One of Christopher's main tasks is to proctor language exams and he values how Sanako Study 1200 helps him to make this much easier for the teachers and students:

"With Sanako, we can observe each students' station: we can observe what they're doing on their screens and we can listen in on what students are saying. I can even block web sites and screens for exam purposes. I'm able to have a class come in here every 30 minutes. Then proctor an exam and have another class come in the next 30 minutes. So it's really user-friendly."

Christopher also values the fast and friendly customer service from Sanako and Sanako's local office. Like Christopher says: "Customer service has been great and very responsive to our needs and to my questions."