Monmouth Comprehensive School

Marie3 years ago2 min read

Monmouth Comprehensive School in South Wales recently installed and have been delighted with Sanako Study 700 system, promoting confidence and independence amongst students in their speaking. Students learn French, German and Spanish GCSE and A Level. The Languages Faculty is also a Learning Network School for the EAS (Education Achievement Service), which supports and promotes language learning within other schools in the area, through the Welsh Government Global Futures Strategy. At Monmouth, we are delighted to celebrate a great passion amongst our students for International Languages and we are proud to offer students the opportunity to study a wide range. With the introduction of a new GCSE in 2018 in Wales, we wanted to develop student confidence and their ability to be more independent in speaking and understanding

We have so far focused on live speaking activities and students have been able to use paired discussions for Role Play practice. Being able to randomly pair has encouraged students to work with a variety of people improving confidence. Having the facility to record and collate these discussions gives the teacher greater opportunity to feedback, in addition to monitoring and assessing progress.

We have found that the discrete nature of the teacher support and interaction really enthuses the students to ask questions and boost confidence when speaking. The automated side-tone feature and noise cancelling headsets really do focus students on their work.

All of our students enjoy the independent responses to teacher questions, using the Voice Insert function. We use this to practice conversation at GCSE over a wide range of themes. Students have mentioned they feel more confident using the headphones and recording as they feel less self-conscious. The confidence building is evident and after giving teacher feedback using the automatic voice insert, students are keen to record again wanting to demonstrate improvements. Using the vocabulary tests has also been a great focus for students in learning core vocabulary and having immediate feedback. This has definitely created a competitive element either amongst students or a desire to beat their previous score. We look forward to trialling new activities and developing this across other key stages as Sanako has been such a great motivational tool for students, as well as impacting positively on progress.

Due to the COVID pandemic in 2020, we added the Sanako Pronounce Live and Sanako Connect on line modules. This has worked well and  our lessons can continue remotely if required. This has proven to be invaluable.

We can now publish short phrases of text on line, Sanako Pronounce Live converts this into authentic target language audio and students repeat with instant feedback.

The Sanako Connect module takes things even further allowing me to publish gap fill picture description tasks on line with my live support and also carry out remote oral assessment activities.

The Support offered by Sanako has been exceptional, nothing seems to be too much trouble for them. I have also found the user training videos and live training offered to very friendly & intuitive.

Jill Snook - Head of Languages, Monmouth Comprehensive School