The West Bridgford School

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The West Bridgford School New MFL Block

Over a number of years, The West Bridgford School has consistently demonstrated itself as a high performing school with results regularly placing them amongst the best performing comprehensives in the country, both at GCSE and 'A' level. This has been achieved within a context of traditional academic values, where high expectations are placed on student achievement and behaviour through firm but fair discipline procedures, along with a strict school uniform code.

At the heart of the school’s success is a team of dedicated teaching staff, led by M. Xavier Vuiller. The teachers are very well supported by associate staff, to ensure students grasp the opportunities afforded them. The Modern Foreign Languages team are at the forefront of this ethos combining traditional teaching and the latest digital technology, so when the school invested in a new MFL Block the staff wanted to ensure they got the best system available to complement their languages suite of rooms. The Sanako Study 1200 system was deployed on a thirty six PCs suite along with unlimited home access licence download for homework. As you can see below. The West Bridgford School’s Sanako Language lab has now become a hub for sponsored regional languages days run by the company.

Although it is still early days the initial signs are very encouraging with both staff and students getting to grips with the new technology. The languages staff wanted to do more than just put students in front of a computer programme, they wanted them to actively engage with the target language, speaking and listening to each other and, yes, making the odd mistake in grammar etc. Also in readiness for the new GCSE examination they wanted students to practise the very routines which they will later face using the Study 1200 to simulate these activities.

Sanako Sponsored MFL Teacher day at The West Bridgford School

Students take part in live role play activities, describing images, telephone simulation and many other activities all under the control of the teacher who can simply drag and drop files into the student playlist to quickly create a lesson plan. Alternatively the teacher may wish to create an examination environment by blocking access to the internet or just selected pages. The unique voice insert technology allows students to work independently on question and answer activities or even practise their translation and interpretation skills.

Sanako Pronunciation Practice – More Than a Language Centre

One of the modules the school opted for was Sanako Pronounce. This unique Voice Recognition technology allows the teacher to copy and paste or type words or phrases from any source, so the material is always current or topical. The voice recognition system will play back the text, in an authentic voice, allowing the student to record their version alongside. Instant analytics highlight the accuracy of the student’s attempt, giving instant feedback which can be collated by the teacher if required.

Additionally the school wanted to be able to set pronunciation activities for students to practise at home with a minimal amount of technology. So they introduced the new Sanako Pronounce Live system, which requires only internet access and Google Chrome to operate, allows the tutor to quickly create remote exercises for homework.

The school makes use the of the robust and versatile SLH-07 headset (USB Version) due to the professional quality of recording and noise cancelling microphone giving best possible sound reproduction.

After-sales support is vital to the success of any system installation for the user. The Sanako after sales service and support is widely regarded as the best available, always friendly and efficient. The on-site training is carried out by trainers who fully understand the concerns of the MFL team.

Sanako offer a dedicated UK support contact centre which can be used at any time along with free-to-use on line instructional videos and downloadable content from Sanako’s unique website, The LanguagePoint.