University of East Anglia

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Located in the heart of East Anglia, the School of Politics, Philosophy, Language and Communication Studies is based in the Arts Building at the centre of the University of East Anglia campus. The School brings together staff and students studying a wide range of subjects including politics, international relations, broadcast journalism, media, public policy, philosophy, language competency, intercultural communication, and translation & interpreting studies.

Teaching and Facilities
The School has a lively, stimulating and welcoming atmosphere with each disciplinary area enjoying high levels of student satisfaction. It was ranked in the top 20 in the UK for Philosophy in the Guardian University League Table 2019. The School enjoys excellent facilities with a state of the art Sanako Study 1200 language learning centre, access to a fully equipped television studio, and hosts a large number of public events throughout the year including talks by visiting politicians, practitioners, translators and philosophers. There are lively philosophy, language and communication and political seminars.

In the summer of 2019 the department invested in the future of conference interpreting studies with a refresh of their facilities. Always forward thinking, and wanting to incorporate technology the students were comfortable with, it was decided to add the very latest Software  Only Conference InterpretingSystem from Sanako.

This advanced module, which can be added to the existing Sanako Study 1200 already installed, offers full function conference interpreting & conference session activities but in a software format making it flexible, intuitive and a cost effective resource. Multiple activities and groups can run simultaneously with delegates sitting at the conference table whilst the interpreters practice in the dedicated sound proof booths and interact accordingly.

Additionally this module comes complete with an unlimited download availability for the Sanako Study Lite Recorder, not only providing for traditional audio and video exercises to be accessed by the student, but can also accommodate simultaneous and consecutive audio and video activities allowing students to practice the skills remotely or on the move. This enhancement will surely add to the growing reputation of the University of East Anglia. As from the Summer of 2020 we could also take these assessments on line for remote learning.

Dr Sharon Black of UEA comments “This worked a treat and we had a very successful class! I've asked the students for feedback and they are really enjoying the live interpreting sessions that we are now able to do with the Conference Interpreting function. Today we had a student giving a speech in Japanese, a student interpreting it into English as a pivot interpreter, and two other students interpreting the pivot interpretation into French and Spanish, so they found that very impressive!”

Dr Sharon Black, Lecturer in Interpreting (with Spanish) UEA.