What exactly is a Technology Enhanced Language Centre & How Can it Benefit My Students?

David3 months ago1 min read

In the MFL classroom of today there are so many pressures upon both the teachers and the students such as; increasing class size, go to this platform for this element of the exercise and go to that platform for that element of the exercise etc, so why not integrate everything into one versatile platform?

The Sanako range of blended learning language centres can handle all this with ease. They can be used for synchronous and asynchronous activities and are fully GDPR compliant and will work on any device with internet access, they are perfect for Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) applications.

Monmouth Comprehensive School in South Wales have found that a combination of Sanako Connect Online and Sanako Study 700 really helps them in their MFL lessons and  the students really enjoy using this technology boosting confidence and speaking skills.

In this video both staff and students at Monmouth Comprehensive School talk about this technology has helped them, but what are some of the most used activities?

  • Speaking and listening activities
  • Full class oral assessments, local on on line
  • The video selfie interview for question and answer
  • Automatic Voice Insert 
  • Teacher Feedback facility
  • Pronunciation practice
  • Vocabulary testing
  • Live pair work for role plays
  • Discreet live teacher monitor and intercom
  • Examination mode
  • File Collection
  • Many more activities available