Why schools prefer integrated & live language teaching platforms over a collection of single-purpose apps

David8 months ago2 min read

It’s evident that the challenges faced by language teachers during the Covid-19 pandemic were unprece­dented; educators globally did all they could to minimise interruption to learning, including employing online teaching/learning tools to help them best support students and their learning outcomes. Here, we’re taking a look at some of the reasons why multi-purpose language teaching platforms (such as Sanako Connect) could be the way forward, by reducing the total amount of different software applications required. 

While it’s natural to want to equip staff with all of the tools that they need to help do the job, this might mean that insti­tutions are buying one solution for in-classroom teaching and another for homework, or using one app for recording students and a different one to assess their knowledge and understanding. Whilst using such a variety of solutions can be a quick fix to solve a problem, our experience from working with customers in 50,000 language classrooms globally is that it isn’t an effective or sustainable way for schools to operate.

So what’s so special about a multi-purpose teaching platform?

  • Reduce costs

Although many app providers offer free trials or discounts to educational institutions, the cost of using such a wide variety of apps to fill every teacher’s needs can quickly add up. Obviously, this creates addi­tional pressure on already tight school budgets and doesn’t represent good value-for-money if the app is then not used by all staff.

Conversely, larger solutions with the full range of functionality that schools need are usually able to offer a cheaper overall price, thanks to their size and economies of scale.

  • Save time

Identifying, testing and implementing a library of different tools can be a really time-consuming process. But working with a single expert supplier significantly reduces time spent getting technology integrated. Sanako’s expert global network of offices are on hand to work with academic customers to help them choose exactly the right tools to improve student outcomes.

  • Improve user experience

Educators can use Sanako Connect to upload (and share with colleagues) all lesson content for students before the lesson starts, including the full variety of content types (e.g text, audio files, web pages, video etc.). Teachers can also use Connect to assign a range of tasks to students that test all four skills as well as handling speaking and pronunciation assessment and feedback. With the preparation already in place, this leaves teachers free to concentrate more specifically on supporting students’ language learning.

  • Keep things simple

Sanako Connect is GDPR compliant so doesn’t require students to create an account before using. Learners just click on a link shared by the teacher to access the learning session. So the problems of forgotten passwords or not being able to find the webpage disappear!