Conference Interpreting System

The functionality of professional interpreter training systems in a software format

Integrating seamlessly into the latest Sanako systems in single or multiple rooms and venues, this viable alternative to expensive hardware systems continues to deliver all the functionality you would expect from any kind of conference interpreting and translation system - even down to the use of a mic mute “cough” button and controls being in the correct position to simulate interpreter training experiences. 

The flexibility of this unique software module allows for any variation of Delegates, Interpreters and Observers to be changed at the click of a button depending on the number of people at any particular conference. 

Any room can quickly become an additional conferencing suite by simply using laptops/tablets. With the new Conference Interpreting Module delegates can literally walk in with their laptop and walk away with their work for later revision. 

Delegates can randomly select the interpreter of their choice and move around the conference at will ensuring full and flexible engagement with the debate. The video pairing option adds an extra dimension to conferences.

Product features:

  • All audio is saved as a dual-track MP3 file to allow for subsequent marking
  • Operator interfaces mimic industry standard layout
  • Compatible with either headsets or gooseneck microphone
  • Standard naming and techniques are used such as delegates, interpreters, chair and observers
  • Audio selections include the floor and selected interpreter channels
  • Can be used for both interpreter training and real conferences
  • Allows for a wide variety of text feedback and messaging between all parties to add to the audio experience
  • Chair can monitor delegates and interpreters as and when required via audio, text and screen monitoring techniques