Lab 100 - Traditional Language Laboratory

For customers who don't want to use a computer suite for MFL

This digital hardware language laboratory is an extremely versatile system which can be wall-mounted, desk mounted or mobile to ensure maximum flexibility. The teacher has a PC, often linked to the school network, with a software control interface and the students have a user panel.

The versatile Sanako Lab 100 is small and discreet in design but powerful enough to meet the needs of Languages Departments who do not have access to a computer for every student. Although many institutions have a Lab 100 supporting their main ICT system, such as Sanako Study 1200, the Sanako Lab 100 is more than capable of delivering effective audio language teaching through more traditional methods on its own. 

Sanako Lab 100 is an ideal tool to use for drill techniques, and some of its more advanced features make it a highly effective system for audio based teaching. Sanako  Lab 100 is unique in its design incorporating all the features of a traditional cassette-based language laboratory but in a digital format. It also has the added benefits of low maintenance, requiring only one PC for the teacher with students using digital handsets.

Product features:

  • Students freely record themselves and practise their pronunciation and intonation
  • All recordings can be collected back for evaluation
  • Students can practise basic consecutive and simultaneous interpreting routines
  • Send out audio files for listening comprehension activity
  • Conduct listen and repeat, question and answer or even translation activities with the whole class using Model Imitation
  • Randomly pair students or have them ‘telephone’ a partner to simulate role play scenarios
  • Differentiate work by grouping students on similar tasks
  • Restrict access for assessment routines by creating Examination Mode