Sanako Headsets and Accessories for MFL

Sanako SLH-07 and SLH-20 Headsets, rugged and reliable for all environments

The only headsets you will ever need!  
When speaking and listening really matters choose a Sanako headset for peace of mind! For PCs, laptops, Chromebooks, iPads and tablets. For high quality audio for modern foreign languages, music and general recording, the premium Sanako  SLH-07 or the standard Sanako SLH-20  is the answer. These durable and professional headsets are specifically designed to deliver the clearest sound quality in any environment.

The noise cancelling microphone provides the best quality sound for fully comprehensible voice recordings. It is suitable for a number of working environments, including language studies, broadcasting, audio and video editing activities. Both headsets complete with USB side tone facility to enhance speaking and reduce classroom background noise. The high quality audio and recording makes it ideal for oral examinations and general language learning. Its robust construction is ensures it is suitable for the day to day rigours of everyday school life.

Sanako headsets for MFL & educational use

Both the Sanako SLH-07 and the Sanako SLH-20 are available with various types of termination for any PC, laptop or tablet: 

  • USB connection
  • RJ11 modular connection
  • 3.5mm PC cable mini-jack connection
  • 3.5mm TRRS connection for tablets and iPads

Replacement cables, ear cushions and microphone covers are readily available ensuring the headset will last for many years for everyday use.