Sanako Connect

A blended learning system taking language learning beyond the classroom

An on-line cloud-based system for remote language learning, Sanako Connect delivers an inclusive system which facilitates language acquisition whether in class, at home or on the move as part of your Sanako blended learning language centre when combined with the popular Sanako Study Range.

Sanako Connect will work on PCs, laptops using Google Chrome, Chromebooks and tablets, and can be used as a module to enhance the popular Sanako Study range of language labs, or employed as an independent system for distance teaching only.

Students attend class as normal for a tutor led sessions in the language lab with all the advanced features they have.  In blended learning mode the teacher can then save follow up work to the cloud via a secure system to allow students to complete the exercises at home, and automatically return them to the tutor. Additionally, when combined with the Study Range of language labs, native speaking students from partner school could be invited to join a role play session with UK students for a true life experience.

For More Information

Sanako Connect Product Description

Sanako Connect Getting Started 

Product features:

  • Use your existing resources with Sanako Connect to enhance speaking and listening practice
  • Upload existing lesson files and/or create self-marking exercises including gap-fill, matching pairs and multiple choice
  • Voice Insert feature allowing students to answer pre-recorded questions at their own pace along with interpreting practice
  • Live monitor & intercom with students.
  • Embed YouTube videos as resources
  • Practice pair work and role play activities
  • Files submitted to the teacher as soon as the student has completed the exercise
  • Use as a stand-alone subscription, or add a module to your Study language lab for full blended learning capabilities