Study 1200

Language labs for the 21st century

Professional language laboratories encompass so much more than simple one to one audio and classroom management options.

Today’s labs are highly interactive and flexible systems designed to work both in and out of the classroom environment, for Modern Foreign Languages and general cross-curricular teaching.

You can create a language lab in a dedicated PC suite, or turn any classroom into a language lab using laptops or certain tablet devices. With the student software installed, the computers can also become independent study positions for learners to practise on their own or at home.

Just some of the items included in the top of the range Study 1200 system are:

  • Recording and automatic collection of student audio files
  • Automatic file distribution to students
  • Pairwork, telephone calling and group discussion features
  • Students record their answers to pre-recorded questions for speaking practice
  • Classroom monitoring and control
  • Limit access to certain files only for examination mode
  • Differentiate work by grouping students on similar tasks
  • Self-marking vocabulary testing
  • Text to speech
  • Model imitation

Study 700

Study 700 is an entry level language lab offering the most basic features, which can be easily upgraded to the full Study 1200 system later to take advantage of the additional functionality of the top of the range language lab.