Study English

Featuring content in collaboration with Oxford University Press

A ready-made English language laboratory with Oxford University Press content, based upon our extremely popular Sanako Study range of products.


Oxford University Press is famous for its course books and especially its English for Life package. Working with Sanako  this popular series of course books has been developed into an interactive multimedia package designed to fully integrate with Sanako Study English, delivering an engaging and stimulating experience for the student and tutor.


The enhanced Text-to-Speech technology developed by Sanako delivers high quality audio with an authentic British-English accent. Copy text from any source such as a web page or document, or type in your own text, and the voice sampling technology will take the text, convert it into an audio file and send it to each student to work on individually.


When combined with the English for Life content, Sanako Study English allows students to work through the interactive course book, completing the exercises with automatic assessment of completed student work. The tutor can be always on hand to monitor, intervene and support multiple students as required.


Product Features:

  • A range of activities to enhance listening and speaking practice
  • Role play simulation
  • Tutor monitoring of all activities
  • OUP English for Life content
  • Tutor controlled playlists
  • Voice Insert feature allowing students to answer pre-recorded questions at their own pace
  • Create or download self-marking vocabulary tests
  • Restrict access for assessment routines by creating Examination Mode
  • Set different tasks for sections of the class by creating multiple groups