Study Primary

A KS2 software language laboratory

Sanako Study Primary is a software language laboratory that has been specifically designed for KS2. It is the ideal platform for little linguists to begin their language learning journey combining the four key skills of reading, writing, speaking and listening.


Sanako Study Primary comes with a complete content package, and is the first fully integrated language teaching solution of its kind, combining content and teacher control.


The Content and Lesson plans which come as standard save time and preparation for teachers, with 24 topic modules and an additional 12 core modules to work through in both French and Spanish.


Teachers can fully supervise each pupil by listening in, locking out unrequired programs and web pages, and support individual pupils and the class simultaneously.


With Sanako Study Primary, teachers can use the provided content to support lesson plans, or create their own exercises if they are more confident linguists


Sanako Study Primary can be fully customised to meet the needs of each teacher and school.

Product features:

  • Classroom monitoring and control
  • Recording and automatic collection of student audio files
  • Automatic file distribution to students
  • Pair your pupils randomly so they can practise conversations together
  • Students record their answers to pre-recorded questions for speaking practice
  • Differentiate work by grouping students on similar tasks
  • Content available in French and Spanish
  • Select a pupil to be teacher from their seat, so they can share their work with others